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We’re trying to provide as much information as possible. We’ll be happy to give you the answers you need.

If you’d like to know anything else, check out our frequently asked questions or simply visit our WIKI or contact us via email with any other questions

1. How to find the coins?

Сoins drop from the aggressive monsters when you kill them

2. How to find the bosses?

Some bosses spawn when you kill enough monsters of one kind (skeletons or zombies or slimes) but two of them live in the castle and its basement

3. How to destroy the walls?

You can destroy a wall if there is an empty tile near it.

4. How to move items in the inventory?

1) Tap an item, then press the "swap" button in the right bottom corner and tap a slot in which you want to place that item; 
2) Just drag an item to a slot or another item; 
3) Tap an item, then double tap a slot or another item.

5. Who is that old grey-haired man?

This is the Guide. he will help you with tips and his shop.

6. How to increase the health points?

You can find the crystal of life in caves. Also, it drops from Life Crystal Keeper (A peaceful mob with a picture of the heart on its belly)

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